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Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh the Muslims of the world

I share your fury over the blasphemous film,
Which depicts our Prophet in the ugliest haze;
But if you fail to have some deeper thoughts,
Your rage will be just like a mad man's craze.

If you promise not to turn your anger on me ,
Listen to my words during this turbulent phase;
Your greatest foes are roaming in your sleeves,
Those who inflame the deadly sectarian blaze.

If you really love your Prophet and his faith,
Come out forthwith from this murderous maze;
Make a determined vow to excel in learning,
Look at the gloomy horizons with an intent gaze.

This violent spree may be your natural impulse,
But you will keep yourself in a complete daze;
You are in slumber: Your enemies are all awake,
For your ruin , they may devise countless ways.

Pause for a moment my dear brothers and sisters!
Use these wiles as offering you some shining rays,
Lift your heads from the feet of mighty empires,
It is what Prophet had said, and what still he says. 


Dr.Mustafa Kamal Sherwani.
Lucknow, U.P.India.

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