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Friday, January 30, 2015

My Name is India !

Listen to me, Oh the people of the world,! 
My  name  is  India .  You  must   know; 
I stand  firmly  against   malice and hate, 
The seeds of peace, I want and try to sow.

I face many hurdles day and  night, 
They all  attempt  to  make me slow; 
The force  of my will   paves its way , 
None can succeed to change my flow.

The height of Everest is singing my glory, 
The swirling oceans make a splendid show; 
My enemies attack me with  a strong zeal, 
But my resolve and patience always grow.

I am a cradle of  many faiths and creeds, 
All are    shining like a glittering  snow ; 
Those who desire to tear my bosom apart, 
To them, I am ready to give a lethal blow.

Still I have some spots of anguish and pain, 
Some of my sons still cry like an ugly crow; 
The  time will heal all the scars and wounds, 
'Joy for  all' is my goal: my determined vow.
Listen to me, Oh the people of the world,! 
My  name  is  India .! You  must   know; 
Soon the future  will see my happiest day, 
When to me, each of you  will have to bow. 
************ ********* ********* ****** 
 ( Dedicated to Republic Day Parade)
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL. D. 
Chairman, All India Muslim Forum 
Lucknow ,U.P. India 
sherwanimk@yahoo. com 

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